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Rubbee X

Creatus' designer Gintare Cerniauskaite designed a completely new look for our client Rubbee's new product - electric bike kit Rubbee X. And spruced it up a new app look too.


Product design




Rubbee X makes every bike electric. It has batteries, electronics and a motor that touches the rear tire of the bike. It also has a wireless cadence sensor that tracks Your pedaling pattern and adapts the electric assist automatically. Its patented quick-release lock technology enables Rubbee to be installed and detached with one hand, in just one second.

Removable modular batteries let You configure Rubbee as You need. Have an ultra light e-drive for quick daily rides or extend the range by installing up to 3 battery modules by Yourself. The choice is Yours.

If you'd like to ride electric, buy it on Rubbee's website.



Rubbee X has won 1st place at Geras Dizainas (Good Design) awards in product design category in 2018!

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