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EXO x3m

EXO "x3m" series - full immobilisation 3D printed splints to treat neck, arm, wrist and finger injuries - are lightweight, strong and durable, water-proof and skin-friendly, and are automatically adapted to every patient's anatomy.


Product design





These splints can also be personalised by the user by choosing the desired structure as well as colours of the whole splint or its parts. The open and dismountable structure of EXO splints (other than the structures of splints in the market or other conceptual 3D models) offers the opportunity to use "x3m" splints for open bone fractures or in post-surgery treatment, when a large surface of naked skin is needed due to wounds.

An open structure of EXO splints allows for an earlier-than-usual application of rehabilitative procedures, which reduces the risk of post-traumatic complications. Theoreticaly, this helps to shorten the period of needed rehabilitative treatment, and reducing the overall injury healing period for up to three times.

EXO_strukturos pasirinkimas (2).jpg
EXO_pirmas prototipas.jpg


EXO project has won two Geras Dizainas (Good Design) awards in Lithuania - the first prototype EXO 1.0 has won the prize in 2014 as a concept, and the product series EXO x3m took 1st place in product design category in 2017.

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Geras dizainas logo 2017.png

Off to market

This project is being continued in collaboration with Kaunas Technology University, financed by National and EU funds.

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